Martha's crooked teeth


The trip perpetuating this is just out to annoy people and likes being called autistic. Don't reply to its posts. Don't use teeth editions. Let it die


Archive of past stupidity:

Martha's crooked teeth was a great meme that arose on /who/ in early September of 2015 in an entirely organic fashion, as a natural result of /who/ noticing just how damned crooked those teeth were. It has achieved such memetic penetration that sometimes anons just start crooked teeth editions out of nowhere, and we all have a good laugh over how funny the meme is.


The above paragraph was originally written as part of a negotiation with the terrorist who was forcing Martha's crooked teeth and making continual teeth editions. An enterprising anon offered that a wiki page be written in exchange for no further teeth OPs. At this point the meme forcer agreed to prolong it no further, and was happy with the wiki page, but still provided the caveat that the next thread would be one more teeth edition.

However, he was shortly BTFO when the negotiator got the jump on him and made the new bread first, then linked it in /who/ mere moments ahead, thus solidifying it as the new bread and seemingly killing Martha's crooked teeth forever. This was followed by shortly amending the wiki page - as had always been the plan - to reflect the reality of the saga.

The moral of the story? DON'T. FORCE. MEMES.

But what seemed to be a happy ending then took an unfunny turn.


The actual moral of the story

Imagine a world where the only content of this article was the first paragraph? It would be kind of funny, wouldn't it?

Ultimately it was always clear that Martha's crooked teeth was never supposed to be taken seriously as a forced meme. We know now it was more just a low level trolling attempt from a newfag than anything else. The wiki page and one last teeth thread would probably have been the end of it.

Unfortunately it's become more than that. Perhaps, in pegging and trying to strangle Martha's crooked teeth in the cradle - writing the decoy wiki page, sitting in wait to pounce with the new bread before teeth edition could kick in - this anon may only have triggered the memer's autism to go even further.

Even now the spectre of Martha's crooked teeth looms over /who/.


Present situation

These days the same guy is still posting it over and over and trying to make teeth threads. He says he does it for the funny reactions so just leave it alone I guess. We'll get bored of replying eventually. Meh