Mark Cuban

The results of the third /who/nger games which made Mark Cuban officially canon.

Mark Cuban is a famous investor and meme and owns a 35% 100% share of all of /who/. He is notorious for running into trees, getting ill, and injuring himself in a variety of ways. He is, however, a tactical genius and can outmanuever any opponent. This has recently allowed him to win the third /who/nger Games.

The Cuban Missile Crisis

During the third /who/nger Games Mark Cuban, against all odds, managed to defeat extreme opposition. He faced off against challenging predators such as the Capaldick, Martha's ass and Prog.

The resolution was one that shocked the audience as Cuban had done nothing but fuck up for the entire game and literally had his eyes closed the whole time. Two anons remarked at the same time that it was "Worse than Last of the Time Lords".