Love and Monsters

Love & Monsters
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Vital statistics
Air date 17 June 2006
Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Dan Zeff
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The Satan Pit Fear Her
Love and Russell
"At least I only cameo" - David Tennant
GOAT Who according to Adolf.
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Love and Monsters is the tenth episode of Series 2 of Blogtor Who. Universally agreed to be the single greatest Doctor Who episode ever created. Features the introduction of The Abzorbaloff.


Written and directed by Adolf Hitler, this is one of the infamous "Doctor Lite" episodes when they threw something together without the main actors so they could have 13 stories in one season instead of just 12. Despite what you may hear about the episode titled Splink, they all suck because no Doctor.


Basically, an episode of Doctor Who is recapped on camera by the sort of drunken virginal pervert that would visit /who/, and some people get eaten by Ian Levine's ass. At the end, the hero is rewarded for his efforts with a concrete slab that can give him oral sex whenever he wants for the rest of time. Just lie on his stomach, grinding his cock as hard as he can into that stone throat, and sit at the computer all day with the slab between his cheeks. Never even have to listen to her fucked up Moaning Mytle voice for the rest of your life, just keep her mouth occupied with dick 24/7. Never have to get up to pee, either. Pretty good deal, for one of them anyway.

Tldr; the whole thing was just a metaphor for sodomy. BRAVO DAVIES.


Love and Monsters is /who/'s eternal favourite episode, we just can't stop talking about it!


When the Abzorbaloff is reading a paper, there's an article on the front talking about how Harold Saxon is leading in the polls. Hey! That's a pretty cool easter egg and it's not even rammed in our faces. BRAVO RUSTY!