Wait, what?
K9 preparing to exterminate you.

K9 is a spin-off of Doctor Who that has no connection to Doctor Who at all. It's not even made in the UK for God's sake. Not even K-9 is proper K-9.

It's all Bob Baker's fault.


Unlike other spin-offs, it doesn't take place in contemporary Britain, instead taking placing in grim and dystopian year of 2050 when the UK is overrun by Australia, while the UK itself seem to overrun the world. Which is basically like contemporary Britain, only with more robots. Holds dubious honour of being the first Whoniverse show to feature Canadian protagonist. Who is like Sarah Jane from SJA only a dude, and instead of being a miserable spinster, he's a widower and a pathetic wreck. Still likes to endanger minors though.


It's not as bad as you'd think it would be. I mean, it's not like it rapes your mother while forcing you to watch. Almost no propaganda of interracial gay sex is present, which is also a big plus.

(But if someone tries to get you to watch it in the stream, tell him to fuck off.)