K-9 after being abused for many years by Tom Baker.
K-9 after being abused for many years by Tom Baker.
Vital statistics
Played by John Leeson
Years active 1977 - 2010
Travelled with Fourth Doctor and met Tenth Doctor
First story The Invisible Enemy
Last story Warriors' Gate
Previous Next
Lalla (no, not that one) Laan Kelso
K-9 (left) meets his flesh-and-blood 'clone' (right) in the Second Doctor episode The Bone of Omega.
Mickey realises he's the K-9 of NuWho.
Animal abuse, probably.
If their love truly bloomed on the battlefield...
Giving the Doctor a blowjob

K-9/11 (voiced by Liam Neeson) was a robot dog who travelled with the Fourth Doctor and was invented by Bob Baker and Dave Martin.


The Doctor built him out of an RC car that he had shoplifted from Radio Shack. Unfortunately the prop was poorly made and prone to breaking down on set, so they often had to drag him around by wires tied to the Doctor's ankles that you could totally see.

The Doctor and K-9 were known to run a bestiality website together where they'd post videos of their rough anal. Some theorize that his name is some kind of pun, but this has never been confirmed.


Classic K-9 first showed up in The Invisible Enemy and left in Warriors' Gate.

Also stars in his own show K9, the epic K-9 and Company, and the blockbuster extravaganza K9: Timequake.


David Tennant was known to fuck K-9 on a daily basis when K-9 was brought back in cameos such as School's A Bunion and Jenny's End. Billie Piper said of the affair, that it was "so surreal seeing David's cock stuck inside someone other than myself and Russell."


K-9 once had a plug stuck inside Sarah Jane Smith "by accident" when playing chess, and had to get it surgically removed from him, as Sarah was stuck and couldn't slip it out of herself.

K-9 later had a short-lived spin-off television series in Australia (where else, right?) called K-9 & Friends (where Sarah Jane would make vague jokes about animal abuse in front of K-9) only for it to be cancelled a month later.

K-9 never fucking knew the answer when it was important.

K-9 is an avid SPLINKer and has competed in the 2012 Olympic games against other SPLINK-worthy competitors such as Furry Porn McCoy and Jon Pertweenie.

Still, K-9's a good dog.