What did he mean by this?
Someone give me a quick rubdown on this Mirrors chick.
Now, we're not gonna talk about Judy...
— David Bowie, the Lost Doctor, Twin Peaks

Judy (Judy !MCGann2iBg (or #rrgbDkK3Tk during ban evasion) is a recent trip, and kind of a shitty person. Yes, I really care about him referring to Bill as "les blackie" and his weird rants about politics that make him sound like an old man, as well the fact that he gives shitty links to download the latest DWMs. Like Jesus, put it on a MEGA instead of giving people something that takes 30 minutes to download, you piece of shit.

Trivia you're definitely interested in, added to this page by people other than Judy, for non-attention-seeking purposes

  • Judy also coined the term "Mudwash" as the reverse of whitewash.
  • Judy drinks Guinness and hates communism.
  • Judy once asked: "Who's Erino?"
  • Judy also admitted to being 13 years old, but also said was older than Jodie, thus making him the youngest and oldest trip yet.
  • It's a known fact that literally nobody holds Judy in high regard, even the trips.
  • A friendly quote from Edge during an erased stream: "Nobody really likes Judy"
  • Judy got banned for posting NSFW pics, and started to ban evading using the word EVADE on the trips. Mods got pissed and the ban was extended for one month.
  • Judy was live during the dreadful events of the Prakening.
  • Judy got banned again while discussing the prior ban and started to live on the stream only.
  • Judy got muted on the stream by the overlord Lym, because Lym is a precog and just wanted to avoid possible confrontations. Some anons tried to help and the shitposting lasted days.
  • Fed up, Judy left /who/ forever.