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Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 40
Release date January 2003
Writer Robert Shearman
Doctor Sixth Doctor
Publication order
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Bang-Bang-a-Boom! Nekromanteia

Pip pip jolly old chaps! Jubilee is the 40th audio episode released by that marvelous company of subterranean pallid faced virgins, Big Finish. Starring the resplendent and jolly Colin Baker as the Sixth consumer of pies, and the brazen Maggie Stables as Evelyn "Hot Lips" Smythe.

The Doctor encounters a time jiffy, after a turbulent journey he arrives in the Tower of London in 2003, in an alternate and in my opinion superior timeline where the ghastly steel pepperpots the Daleks were given a well deserved kick up the backside by old blighty in an invasion a century ago, and the last of that awful race is subject to enhanced interrogation techniques in the Tower of London.

Patriots are reminded that if they still do not yet own a British Icon Dalek, they are still on sale at the low low retail price of Twenty nine pounds, ninety nine pence! You too can flip off Davros in style with your very own Blighty Dalek! Midget operators are sold separately. Purchase mandatory.


This episode is Greatest Of All Time, and not a filthy mongrel Greatest Of All Time defiled by Pakistanis, pure bred strong and proud BRITISH GREATEST OF ALL TIME. It is not uncommon for British viewers to cum union flag shaped puddles of semen while British bulldogs inexplicably appear, shedding tears of pride and joy while listening to the magnificent, unparallelled work of art, and for foreign viewers to commit suicide out of the sheer despair that they themselves are not British too, but you should not worry yourself about the lives of half breeds. After all, if their lives mattered, they would be British now wouldn't they?


Jubilee was adapted into the TV story Dalek, which is of course not canonical, but still jolly good fun if you can get past tasteless changes like the English political heroes being replaced by colonial tradesmen.

Jubilee was later, more faithfully, adapted into Jack Harkness's favorite pizza joint on Torchwood.