Jodie Whittaker

Thank Basil for that.
Davina Thirteennant
The Diamond Age.
The Diamond Age.
Actor information
Main role Thirteenth Doctor
Other roles Nope
Born 3 June 1982
Status Active
Yeah, I mean, okay, they're pretty great feet, and I say that as someone who usually isn't into feet. Dammit Chinchilla, I didn't need another fetish.
What did she mean by this?
Jodie and the TARDIS.

Jodie "Mommy" Whittaker (also known by her real name Sjdfjgjlos Hkasfjk) is a strawberry blonde British female actress who is now the Thirteenth Doctor. She is the granddaughter of noted alchemist David Whitaker.

May or may not have autism.

Jodie Who?

You may remember her from such Chibnallkino as Broadchurch. She was also in Attack the Block, Black Mirror, Good Vibrations and some other series that sound quite interesting.

(psst She's totally done a few nude scenes in the past. You can Google from there.)


Jodie began filming for the 11th series of Doctor Who in late October alongside newcomers Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole and Sharon D Clarke. Filming is expected to wrap around mid August of 2018 for an autumn release for the 10 part series.

Exclusive Interview

Although Jodie isn't giving any interviews yet, /who/ managed to land an exclusive one-to-one with Jodie right after her casting had been announced:

/who/: Ms. Whittaker, thank you for granting us this interview.

Jodie: Let's hurry this up, I need a shit.

/who/: No problem. Congratulations on being cast as the Doctor by the way!

Jodie: Yeah yeah *farts*

/who/: So you've worked with Chris Chibnall before on Broadchurch, are you looking forward to working with him again?

Jodie: Not really, he's kind of a twat. Smells like cabbage. But I am looking forward to giving him shit about his rug.

/who/: His rug?

Jodie: Have you not seen his hair? It's fucking hilarious.

/who/: And what about Chibnall as a writer? Do you think he will do Doctor Who justice?

Jodie: Have you seen the show lately? Not like it can get any worse is it?

/who/: So you think Chibnall's the right man for the job?

Jodie: M8 fuck all that I'm just here for the money.

/who/: And what are your thoughts on being the first ever female cast in such an iconic role as the Doctor?

Jodie: First of all, Doctor Who is a fucking shit show and I say that as a fan. I just hope my Doctor is the most unpopular Doctor ever and gets the show cancelled because that's what it fucking deserves. I'm actually getting angry just thinking about it. Holy fuck this show is total fucking shit! Jesus fucking christ!

/who/: Thanks very much for your time Jodie!

Jodie: Get fucked desu.