She'll never be in another episode and I'm bitter about that. Fuck you, Moffat.

Jenny (played by Georgia Moffett) is the cloned daughter of the Doctor, the biological daughter of the Doctor, and the wife of the first Doctor. Not the first Doctor, just the first Doctor referred to in that sentence. She is not Jenny, or the Doctor's daughter. Hyperlinks are fun.

The Doctor's Daughter

Jenny showed up in the apply titled episode The Doctor's Daughter. When the Doctor, Donna and Martha land on some planet, they get DNA sampled right away, so that they can be cloned and used as new soldiers in this war against aliens that breath gatorade strapped to their face. The Doctor kinda likes her, because she does some sick back flips, but also dislikes that she's a soldier, because he still has PTSD. But apparently he liked her enough to marry her, because he did so in real life. You think they ever roleplay as the Doctor and the Doctor's cloned daughter?

At the end of the episode, everyone thinks she dies, which is a big emotional event that ends the war that had actually only been going for like a week or something. The Doctor, Donna and Martha leave her there, even though anything involving a partially Time Lord body is supposed to be dangerous? Continuity, everybody.

But the trick is cloning a Time Lord clones a little bit of regeneration, apparently. Not enough to actually regenerate her, but enough to bring her back to life. Cheating regeneration runs in the family, I guess. At the end of the episode, Jenny hijacks a rocket ship to see the universe and have tons of magical adventures.


>TFW Jenny finally gets BRIGGSED and faces such foes as BadlyPhotoshoppedHead Man and Cyborg from the Justice League
Feels ood man

She has none and that makes me cry at night sometimes. Seriously, she's like fucking perfect for her own Big Finish mini series or something. Remember when we first learned about The Petermonster Gang and everyone saw the name Jenny and figured it was this Jenny, just regenerated? Those were the good times. Those are gone now. Now, there's nothing. Life goes on and on and on, with no rhyme or reason, just lost and blind souls, fumbling in the dark, desperately hoping to stumble onto some meaning to this madness. Or even just find another soul that understands, someone to hold on to as we continue to be dragged through this unsolvable labyrinth called life. Oh and she crashed into a moon or something... I don't know, RTD said it. SHE IS BACK BITCHES, GET HYPE