Jelly Fish
you jelly brah?
you jelly brah?
Vital statistics
Position Companion
Age 2
Status Forced Meme
Physical attributes
Height 2' 7"
Weight .5 lbs
Wobbly Jelly.gif

Jelly Fish was a Jellyfish (or a Keltan if you care about non-canon stories). She was the only companion the Eighth Doctor ever had.

Personal Life

Jelly was born on Orbis during the Moffat era. She often wanted to know about the moon and liked to steal people's clothes, most notably Lucie Miller's tights when she was drowning in the sea. All Jellyfish were killed when something happened that I don't remember. The lack of media coverage of the incident sparked outrage on social media, where the hashtag #JellyLivesMatter was trending for almost 8 minutes.


Jelly's status as a meme is an often debated topic. While there is plenty of OC featuring Jelly, it was all made by one person and is only posted by that person, which means it does not meet the requirements for a genuine meme. It does, however, fall under the category of a forced meme.


Jelly is now often used as a comparison to new terrible forced memes (E.g. "I'm atheist so I don't watch the Christmas specials").

/who/nger games

On August 25th, 2017, Angry Jelly won the /who/nger games and became an official /who/ meme. She spread poison on her genitals and made Peter CapaldREEE go down on her, ultimately killing him.