James Corden

James Cumbum
Actor information
Main role Craig Owens
Other roles Err... Cyber Craig Owens?
Born 22 August 1978
Status Being a punchable fat twat

James Condom is a sofa who played Craig Owens in two meh Doctor Who stories featuring Meth Sithm.

While devoting TWO WHOLE EPISODES to Craig was unnecessary and highly undeserved, Corden brought a naturalistic and honestly rather likable performance to the role that was among the best things about those two stories.

Just a shame that he's such a cunt in real life.

He was in the absolutely kino Emoji Movie tho.

Carpool Karaoke's alright I guess.

He's going to star in a shitty Peter Rabbit movie that is designed to appeal primarily to Chinese audiences (since Sony can't even make shit or positive reviews from American audiences), which means lots of terrible humor. So basically, the Peter Rabbit equivalent of a Graham Williams episode combined with the Peter Rabbit equivalent of a Mark Gatiss episode. He should fit in nicely.