Jackson Lake

I'm the Doctor! Simply, the Doctor! The one, the only and the best!
Jackson Lake
Lake. Jackson Lake.
Lake. Jackson Lake.
Vital statistics
Position Canon Doctor
Age 900 and somrthing
Status Most canon 11th Doctor
Physical attributes
Height 6' 2"
Weight 165 lbs

Jackson Lake is the canon eleventh Doctor. Accept no substitutes.

Appeared in The Next Doctor.

TARDIS and Companions

Unlike his other incarnations, Lake's TARDIS took the form of a balloon and did not possess the ability to travel in time. During his travels he saved a young African American British prostitute named Rosita from some Cybermen. Rosita stayed with the Doctor after the Cybermen business was handled with the help of his 10th incarnation.

Final Years and Regeneration

His travels with Rosita came to an end around the early 21st Century in the United States. It is here the Doctor took control of a town mid-zombie apocalypse. The town was under constant invasion from Daleks, Cybermen, Zombies and even a bunch of escaped prison inmates. The Daleks were determined to destroy the town and the Doctor to prevent the Time Lords and Gallifrey from returning. When the Doctor aged into an old man, Rosita returned with a sword and cut off his arm, scooped out one of his eyes, and nailed his dick to a board. Changing strategy and going on the offensive, the Doctor was killed by enemy forces and regenerated into his 12th incarnation.

Alternative timeline suggested that he went mad, lost his eye and adopted a horrible american accent