Just fuck my show up fam
>tfw dead son
>tfw ex-wife dating your boss's boss
>tfw boss is molesting kids
>tfw co-worker is molesting kids
>tfw boss's boss hates you
>tfw boss's co-worker hates you
>tfw boss dresses you in full body hawaiian shirt
>tfw show you grew up loving almost gets cancelled
>tfw fired from show you've always loved
>tfw replaced by Scottish manlet in a wig

That's also where that haircut comes from.
Collect alimony from this, fam.
>tfw you're stuck in an airship working for a lunatic to pay alimony
Just disguise my ailing hairline, chaps
Just jiggly my puff, fam

JUST is the hottest new meme of 2015. Hey, that rhymes.


JUST is part of /tv/'s ongoing obsession with black people, in this particular instant surfacing as a meme stolen from the suddenly and inexplicably popular phenomenon of "black twitter". It finds its origins in a classic comedic exchange that goes a little something like this:

Barber: What'll it be, fam?
Client: Just fuck my shit up, tbh.

Comedy gold!


Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with Doctor Who, and the answer is jack shit. However, /who/ has to put up with these people 24/7, so you'll see this shit every so often.


Brendan and others of his fate has the board /just/ completely dedicated to them. Be sure to visit. Also don't forget to watch Brendan in the completely canon movie Looney Tunes: Back In Action. Featuring Daleks and Timothy Dalton, among other things...

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