Invaders from Mars

Invaders from Mars
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Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 28
Release date January 2002
Writer Mark Gaypiss
Doctor Eighth Doctor
Publication order
Previous Next
The One Doctor The GOAT of GOATnight

Invading Your Arse is the ear story that kicked off the second season of Eight's main range shit. It featured Pliable Can, Japan Sharker, a pre-Jagrafess cocksucking Simon Pegg, and English actors attempting American accents, which always ends well.


In short, it's set around the infamous War of the Worlds broadcast that sp00ped Americunts everywhere, with the Doctor adopting the identity of a murdered detective called Halliday... heh, Doc Halliday, real subtle there. In short, he and Charlei investigate some missing scientist, who some mobsters kidnapped to figure out what to do with some alien tech and baby bats, then the parent bats turn up and almost invade but the Doctor uses Orson Welles' sp00py play to convince them that the planet's already under control of Marvin the Martian.


Dwm 313 invaders.jpg

You'd think that with this set up that this story would be a really fun romp. Sadly, Mark Gatiss' name is on the script, so it's not.

Okay, it's not the worst thing ever, however it does fit snugly into the Mark Gatiss hall of EXTREME mediocrity.