Image of the Fendahl

Image of the Fendahl
Image of the Fendahl.jpg
Season: 15
Episode: 3
Vital statistics
Air date 29 October - 19 November 1977
Written by Chris Boucher
Directed by George Spenton-Foster
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The Invisible Enemy The Sun Makers

That which holds the Image of an angel becomes itself an angel was the third story of Season 15 of Doca Hoo and thus, the third story of the Graham Williams era. In all fairness though, you probably wouldn't know that without reading the ending credits, because this story has such a gothic (almost satanic) vibe that it feels like it should be part of the Hinchcliffe era, along with Horror of Fang Rock. Hell, despite Williams being told to "lighten the mood" of the show, there's a part where the Doctor gives an incurably corrupted man a gun so that he may shoot himself. Dark shit.

If the above doesn't make it obvious, it's a pretty GOAT story, even if it doesn't make much sense and takes a while to actually get going.

It wins the title of the most idiosyncratic episode name ever.


I mean, nothing really happens during part one. Just a load of set up. Actually thinking about it, not all that much happens in part two either. But damn is it atmospheric.

There's this prehistoric skull that emits weird energy and duh, of course it's alien. It actually comes from a previously unknown "Planet 5", which the Time Lords hid in a Time Loop because it was 2 spoopy 5 u. It uses humans to arrange a satanic cult (literally, there are pentagrams and shit everywhere - Mary Whitehouse would've had a heart attack, before promptly complaining about how anti-Jebus it was in her column) with a human sacrifice so that it may return and possess humanoid form once again. This results in the lady that it takes over turning into the cousin of the Axons and the Host: The Fendahl Core, who likes to pose dramatically and also shares Medusa's ability to transform those who look into her eyes. Dayum, and you thought The Brain of Morbius was the king of plagiarism?

The story was written by Chris Boucher, who had previously written a GOAT story and a shite story.

At the end, the Doctor channels his inner Brigadier and decides that the best way to deal with the problem is to blow up the house that the ceremony took place in. The Fendahl Core tries to escape by doing even more dramatic poses in a sequence as baffling as the Fish people dance from The Underwater Menace, but to no avail as it dies in the fire. The Doctor and Leela then fuck off without saying goodbye to the supporting cast, as per usual.


Demonstrating the consistency of this utterly wretched awesome fanbase, this story somehow went from being one of the most overrated Fourth Doctor stories to being one of the most criminally underrated Fourth Doctor stories.

The dramatically posing Fendahl Core with a penis.