I Am a Dalek

I Am a Dalek
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Series Unknown))
Release No. Unknown))
Release date Unknown
Author Gareth Roberts
Doctor Tenth Doctor
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nothing retard Made of Steel

I Am a Dalek is a book featuring Teninch and that teen who he's ten inches deep in. They face off against a Dalek and some bitch who's been possessed by it. Written by GOAT Gareth.

A lady with the totes worst life ever gets contaminated with the Dalek Factor because Evil of the Daleks is awesome. This makes her evil and changes her hair colour from brown to blonde for some reason, because blondes are the most evil people in the world. Anyways, Roes follows her around and tries to make her not such an uptight bitch while the Doka goes and tackles a Dalek.

Basically, it's I am a Human Dalek before that was even a thing.

It's not very good, btw. Also the capital A in Am next to the lower case a triggers my autism.