Hoodie Anon

WARNING: If you suspect the presence of Hoodie Anon, make like a tree and leaf.

Hoodie Anon is an unspecified later regeneration of Melanon. Having first come to fame for their vocal dislike of the Whoodie (from the delusional thought that it was a "desperate and embarrassing attempt to appeal to the youth" alongside Twelve's more laidback personality), their arguments with /who/ later devolved into claims that Missy's redemption occurred because Moffat is a 'sexist pervert'. They later admitted they 'come here mostly to complain' about a variety of things including the Doctor being romantically involved in NuWho.

On November 19, 2017, Hoodie or someone claiming to be Hoodie stated, "I'm going to try to keep most of my long exhaustive rants to Planet Mondas from now on. I like the humour of this place and don't want to kill it with constant negativity." If Hoodie actually stood by that declaration, it would officially place them on a higher tier of respectability than Melanon. At the time of writing, no-one has yet identified Hoodie's Planet Mondas account. And it was likely a ruse, too - Hoodie's writing style is clear and distinguishable and he's been spotted flickering in and out of threads, making the general extremely depressing.

The same anon who constantly posts burrunjor quotes solely to cause arguments and complains about SJWs "ruining the show by bullying Steven Moffat". May be even worse than Melanon himself.

On December 8, 2017, /who/ discovered Hoodie Anon's account on Twitter. This revealed new insights into Hoodie's personality, including an incel/MGTOW streak. Ever since, the thread will periodically check in to mock whatever bullshit he's been tweeting most recently.

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