Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent
Stupid sexy Capaldi.
Stupid sexy Capaldi.
Season: 9
Episode: 11
Vital statistics
Air date 28 November 2015
Directed by Rachel Talalay
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Assault of the Benefactors Hell Bent
"I must stop this christmas from cumming, but how?"
"Is it the Matrix? It's the matrix, isn't it?"
(It wasn't)

yummy yummy

Wait a minute... is that just old plastic sheets?
The Veil...yard?!
The Doctor digs up Clara's dead body in a fit of sustained arousal.
Twelvy sleeping.
"Right, so you're not the Valeyard, I apologise!"
The GOATest of GOAT TARDIS shots.
The VNA.
Triple canon.

Heaven Sent is episode Smith of Series Eccleston. It is the second part of the three part finale, beginning with Face The Benefactors and concluding with Hell Bent. Both latter parts are written by Steven Moffat.

It features Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and... that's pretty much it.

/who/ Wiki Approved Episode Summary

Join us for Peter Capaldi's one man show where he enters the Matrix! After losing THE companion, the Time Lords try to calm Twelve down by trapping him in an eternal torture trap. BRAVO RASSILON.

Actual Spoiler Filled Summary Approved By No One

After losing Clala in Assault of the Benefactors, God finds himself in a circular castle. He makesa rousing speech for absolutely no one to hear. After complaining about gardening, he encounters a spook ripped straight from his fanboy nightmares. He proceeds down a hallway and befriends a door. The door opens to reveal a stone wall. Twelvey is trapped between the wall and The Veil, and confesses that he is actually afraid of dying. The Veil freezes in place, and the castle rotates, which in turn removes the stone wall behind the door.

Basil runs through the corridor previously behind the wall, and runs into a room because he actually wanted to get himself cornered. He inspects a fanboy's piece of artwork and critiques it for being a fucking piece of dogshit, even going as far as to use old 80s Who music to emphasize the lack of quality put into it. The Veil follows him into this room, which triggers Moffat's Sherlock sensors and shows Twelvey's thinking process before he decides to jump out of a window. 

The Doctor almost drowns himself, but decides to not be an insufferable shit instead. He gets naked and puts on a set of clothes laid out for him by a fireplace, while letting his wet clothes lay in their place to dry. He then digs his own grave, revealing the phrase "FUCK ME IN ROOM 12" only to have the Veil corner him again, at which point he confesses that he left Gallifrey because of his fear of the Hybrid. The Castle rotates again. The Doctor then discovers that all the rooms of the Castle reset to how he found them each time it rotates. He spends the next week or so running around the castle, eating, sleeping, snorting cocaine and fucking skulls while searching for Room 12.

The Doctor looks up at the sky at night in one of the Castle's towers, and realizes that he's only about 1 Light Year from Earth, and 7,000 years into the future, but without the feeling of having time traveled. The veil corners him again, and he confesses that he knows who, what, and where the Hybrid is. Doing so rotates the castle once more, and he discovers Room 12. Behind a wall of Azkabantium, which is according to the Doctor "400 times harder than my dick", he sees the exit. The Veil corners him by blocking the exit of the room, and proceeds to walk towards him. Refusing to confess to anymore information regarding the Hybrid , The Doctor hardens his Timedick and chips away at the wall a couple of times. The Doctor recites a poem about a bird and some rock or something, before the Veil kills him.

Time Lords die fucking slowly, so he spends a day or two crawling his decaying flesh all the way back to the teleporter room -- having been reset to the state in which he found it -- to use his remaining brain energy to activate the teleporter, which, now reset, contains his DNA foot print. Nothing remains of the Doctor except a skull, and a new, essentially cloned Twelfth Doctor walks out of the teleporter instead to give another rousing speech. 

This process of death continues for 4 and a half billion years, making door the longest serving companion in the history of the show. We will never forget you, door. Each time, The Doctor gets further into his pigeon story, and breaks further and further into the Bantzium wall, until eventually he breaks through. He walks out of what turned out to actually be his confession dial, and befriends a little boy, before the camera pans up to reveal the Doctor looking upon Gallifrey for the first time in centuries. And at last, as he looks upon the citadel of the Time Lords, he reveals the shocking truth of the Hybrid:

The Doctor: You can probably still hear me, so just between ourselves... you've got the prophecy wrong. The Hybrid is not half Dalek. Nothing is half Dalek. The Daleks would never allow that. The Hybrid destined to conquer Gallifrey and stand in its ruins... is half human.
The Doctor takes a moment to don his sonic sunglasses and gaze meaningfully into the blazing orange sky
The Doctor: On my mother's side.


Millions of fanboys then got up in arms about shit that really doesn't matter.

So basically, it was Pleb Filter, the episode.


The episode received largely positive reviews with many people praising Capaldi's acting, Moffat's writing and Talalay's directing.

The episode received some criticism from mouth-breathers who care about canonicity, even though this episode is clearly non-canon.<ref>https://mydoctorwhoblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/29/review-heaven-sent/</ref>

Turns out the perfect formula for Who is to remove everything except for Capaldi. Truly, he was Steven Moffat's© Heaven Sent™, this Saturday® only on BBC One™, and in HD© on BBC One HD™.

Easily the most GOAT episode of NuWho , and probably the best episode since The Caves of Androzani Remembrance.



So I guess Ulysses is canon now, or...?

How do you get Gallifrey back? You keep hitting a diamond wall over and over. Symbolic, no doubt, of the way the show's been banging its head against the Time War over and over again for the past ten years, so it's finally time to move on. <references />


Lymerence, a /who/ tripfag, made a much-loved Loose Cannon-style reconstruction of the episode in two parts. Capaldi would probably enjoy it.