Head Games

Head Games
VNA-level Dork
VNA-level Dork
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Author Steve Lyons
Doctor Seventh Doctor, Sixth Doctor, First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, The Valeyard, "Dr. Who"
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Head Games is the fourth-third book in the now laughably named Virgin "New" Adventures series. It features altogether too many characters.


The first quarter of the book is incredibly skippable, being a simple dull runaround on an alien planet. However, the book improves dramatically after that, featuring a very fun deconstruction of the typical 'planetary liberation' plot of the TV Comic strips, where the Doctor would arrive on some shithole planet and overthrow and fucking kill the dictator, solving all the planets problems in less than a day, before continuing on his merry way, by simply moving the plot to Earth and having the TV Comic portrayal of 'Doctor Who' be the villian of the piece (as a creation of the Land of Fiction), making a misguided attempt to march into Cuckingman Palace and kill Liz Two.

It features about a billion different elements including Dinosaurs, Moral Complexity, the Valeyard, Sixie, and literally every single book or TV companion of the Seventh Doctor, including the one-episode ones, but manages to juggle all these characters and plots surprisingly well.

It's also a great character piece for the Doctor, contrasting the simplistic 'Good Guys V. Monsters' tone of TV Comic with the scheming, planet destroying VNA Seventh Doctor, with the TV Comic Doctor, despite being ready to kill all in his path, being horrified at the VNA Doctor's plan to blow up the planet Detrios.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, the Doctor blows up a planet in this one. I can't remember why because the Detrios scenes are so fucking dull.

Oh yeah, and it's revealed that the real reason Mel chose to left in Dragonfire was that the Doctor got sick of her and hypnotised her into leaving. No, really. Can't say I blame him tbh.