Hayley Atwell

Sorry Wishah! Actually, not sorry.
"Trust me, I'm Agent Carter." Just look at them tits. Oh, just wanking.
The Atwell is cast.
The Third Doctor rubs his Timedick to a video of his future self.
The 14th Doctor finding out she needs glasses.

Hayley Atwell is a British actress and the oncoming Thirteenth Doctor the future 14th Doctor.


/who/ wants her to be the 13th Doctor because she's a good talented actress.

She also happens to have the most perfect boobs in history. Totally not related though. But, who doesn't want to suck them boobs.

Sadly as of July 2017 /who/ was utterly BTFO when Jodie Whittaker was cast as The Doctor instead.


Usual British actress stuff, until she got cast in Captain America as Peggy Carter. That led to a couple of cameos in other Marvel movies (usually in old-lady makeup), a spin-off show that got canceled even though it was much better than SHIELD, and an ABC generic courtroom drama vehicle that got canceled even faster. She's also been in a few other movies, usually as a major character's mom.

Meanwhile, she continues to return to England to work on indie films, sequel/spin-offs of 70's TV shows, BBC costume dramas, and Big Finish/BBCR audios.

For some reason, people think this means she's too big a star to accept a Capaldi-level salary and audience.

Big Finish DW Roles

  • Blood of the Daleks (first Lucie Miller EDA): Asha, the traitorous lab assistant. Good story, and, as the commenter says, she rocks here.
  • The Doomwood Curse (Charley with Sixie): Eleanor, robbery victim who comes with the Doctor to get revenge. A fun silly story… imagine trad if Classic Who was all by Paul Cornell. But she's not as memorable here.
  • The Whispering Forest (first Five/Nyssa/Tegan/Turlough reunion): Sesha (but spelled Seksa on the CD cover, because someone Freudian slipped), leader of the crash survivors. Haven't heard this one.
  • The Sands of Life/War Against the Laan (first Four/Unsexy Romana) and The Final Phase (same): Moorkurk. Elected President of Earth despite being a "sanctimonious bitch" because people hated the evil businessman who was trying to ruin her career. She was pretty decent, whenever you could hear her underneath the Laan constantly screaming "THE SANDS OF LIFE".