Ground Zero

Ground Zero
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Author Scott Gray
Doctor Seventh Doctor
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Black Destiny Doctor Who and the Fangs of Time

Ground Zero is a DWM comics story from 1996 that had the virgins squealing like someone stole their Princess Leia dolls.

With the imminent screening of The TV Movie, Doctor Who Magazine realised that there would be a large number of people interested in Doctor Who, who hadn't given a toss about it up to that point. In addition, a large number of former viewers who been turned off by the atrocious Virgin New Adventures could possibly be brought back into the fold.

As such, Gary Gillatt took the sensible decision to sever all ties with the convoluted, self-contradictory mess that was the Virgin continuity. Looms, Chris Cwej, the Psycho Bitch version of Ace, Grant Markham, Dodo dying of an STD, Mike Yates being a poof, and all the other nasty nonsense that the Virgin hacks had spent the past five years spewing out, were rightly thrown into the non-canon zone.

Ground Zero then returned the Seventh Doctor and Ace to shortly after the final television serial Survival. Ace was given a heroic death, and the Season 26 TARDIS console room was destroyed, leading into The TV Movie.

While most fans were moved by Ace's sacrifice, the strong artwork and dramatic storyline saw many virgins become horrified and launch hate-filled online attacks on the DWM comics. They declared that they were "not canon", as they had contradicted the Virgin Books. When people sensibly replied that the Virgin Books themselves had contradicted pretty much everything else, including each other (and often themselves), it was met with shrieks of hostility by the likes of Jon Blum.

As the Virgin Books went out of print, Ground Zero turned out to be the set-up for the ongoing Eighth Doctor DWM comic arc that lasted over 2 years, introducing the popular Izzy Sinclair, and bringing back many favourites from the comics, all the while totally and utterly ignoring the tedious Virgin continuity.

Ground Zero then marks a clear "split" in fandom, and was the first "declaration of independence" from the Virgin continuity that more than 99% of fans were totally unfamiliar with anyway. It later led to the DWM Comics, Eighth Doctor Adventures and Big Finish Audios each being completely separate from each other, as well as from the Virgin New Adventures, even while a certain type of fan insisted that "the books must take precedence".

With the return of the Revived Series, these "canon wars" became irrelevant. and then Big Finish made fans suffer through the endless Hex saga.