Golden Age

were you looking for the Golden Age of Britain?

Do you know the good years when you’re in them, or do you just wait for them until you get ass cancer and realize that the good years came and went? Because there’s a feeling – you might notice it sometimes – this feeling like life has slipped through your fingers, like the future is behind you. Like it’s always been behind you.
Steven Moffat, announcing Chris Chibnall's takeover.

Golden age, get hype.
The 50th was pretty golden.
The Kino Age has come and passed.

The Golden Age is whatever your personal favourite era of Doctor Who is, basically. It always stars The Best Doctor.


Your favourite NuWho era might be Series 1 with Nine. Or maybe you fell in love with the Ten/Donna dynamics of Series 4. Of course there's a whole lot of people who enjoy the energetic & emotional Series 5 with Eleven. And who didn't 'ave a giggle at The Day of the Doctor? Or maybe you prefer the more refined, elegant Series 8 with Pietro Capaldini.

Classic Who

Classic Who aficionados usually recommend the First Golden Age of Doctor Who. Though for some it's where it all began with Season 1. Then there's where it all ended with the darker Season 26.

Or maybe you preferred The Wilderness Years and all those books, comics and audios are the Golden Age.


/who/'s opinions are, as ever, divided on what the true Golden Age is. Some were looking forward to Mathieson leading us into The Platinum Age.


As of 2016 both the Golden Age and The Platinum Age have been cancelled put on hiatus to make way for Chibbington Nippletwist and his Ruby Age.