Genesis of the Daleks

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Genesis of the Daleks
Genesis of the Daleks.jpg
Season: 12
Episode: 4
Vital statistics
Air date 8 March - 12 April 1975
Written by Terry Nation
Directed by David Maloney
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The Doctor having trouble tying his shoes.
Doctor Who, I'm CIA.

Genesis of the Chumblies is one of the GOAT serials of the show.


It's a Fourth Doctor story that features the Daleks, their creator Dave Ross, filler episodes in the middle, and some pretty generic cliffhangers. It's still really, really, really quite good. It is baby's first Classic Who story for a reason after all.


A time lord turns up and tells The Doctor to kill the Daleks. Terry Nationy things happen and there is wandering about. Harry helps the Doctor not die from a landmine. There's a giant clam. Sarah Jane falls a surprisingly short distance. Davros rants about killing everybody with a virus, that's a good scene. Tom Baker holds some wires and there is a close-up of his big face while he says some twaddle. At they end they lay on the floor and writhe, pretending to fly through space.



Genesis of the Nazis would go on to become one of the most important episodes in the lore of the series.

At the start, the Time Lords inform the Doctor that they've predicted a point in time in which the Daleks will be the sole creatures in creation, foretelling the events of Journey's End. To halt this, they send the Doctor in to avert Terry Nation's® The Genesis of the Daleks©: Part Three: The Battle of Five Armies© In I-MAX™ 3D®, or to find some inherent weakness, or to make them more docile, whatever he can do.

This act served as the first shot in the Time War. The Time War itself lead to the events of Journey's End. The Time Lords predicted the results of the actions they took to avert the predicted results. Doctor Who: THE DEEPEST LORE.