Gallifrey Base

The logo.
No match for Chicky Missy.

Gallifrey Base (GB) is a website notable for getting BTFO by /who/. It ruined Doctor Who forever.



The ashes of Outpost Gallifrey

It was created by an OG admin and became the default replacement site when Outpost Gallifrey was erased from canon.


It recently suffered excessive arse fracturing due to the events of The Last Great Gallifrey Base/4chan War.

Gave birth to Cheers Jon Blum.

One of Pariscub's rules.

Although /who/ are currently in a SRS BSNS war with them, much of /who/ is actually undercover there. Although most of us are frequently (and probably currently) banned.

The moderation can be a little strict. Perhaps not quite as based as the name of the site would lead you to believe.

Real footage of Pariscub throwing a tantrum after people forget the rules...again:

 A collection of the worst GB has to offer.