Galaxy 4

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Season: 3
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 11 September - 2 October 1965
Written by William Emms
Directed by Derek Martinus and Mervyn Pinfield
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The Time Meddler Mission to the Unknown

Galaxy Bore is the first serial of Season 3, a piece of shit in an otherwise GOAT group of serials. It features Chumblies — the deformed cousins of the Daleks, Drahvins - evil blonde space women, and the Rill — crosses between a slug, a deep sea fish and a turd.

Fortunately, only episode 3 of this story survives. The rest are missing.


Who cares? This story is horrible and even more forgettable than any of the filler episodes you might find in the new series (yes, even The Caretaker).


All of 60's sci-fi in one image.