Fury from the Deep

What are you doing in here? Is there something that you want...?
— Maggie Harris, as Oak and Quill are about to give her the D.

Fury from the Deep
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Season: 5
Episode: 6
Vital statistics
Air date 16 March - 20 April 1968
Written by Victor Pemberton
Directed by Hugh David
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Booty had me like.
The casts' reaction to finding out that nothing would survive of this story.
Of course there are such things as male Weeping Angels.
"I gave you herpes, btw"
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Foaming from Deep-throating too hard is the sixth story in Season V of Lé Docteur Who. It marks the first appearance of the dreaded Sanik Scrudryvurr, that Matt Smith would later use to anally pleasure himself in every goddamn episode of his run. It's also noteworthy for being the final adventure for Victoria, who screams her way out of the show because Jamie's dick was too big.


So the TEDIOUS lands on the surface of the sea because it has been possessed by Jeebus, and the Doctor, Joomoo and Victorioo swim ashore to play in sticky white stuff and rub it in each others faces. They then find a long cylindrical object, which they can feel a throbbing heartbeat in. The Doctor then whips out his own long cylindrical object to...

Ugh okay, fine, I'll continue without the innuendos...

They find a pipe and hear a heartbeat within it, so they decide it's best to warn the company that owns the pipe to shut it off because there could be something very evil lurking inside it that's using the pipe flow to its own advantage. Of course, they turn out to be correct and the monster of the week is an evil seaweed creature that possesses humans and makes the white foam mentioned above.

Yup. Seaweed is the monster of a Doctor Who episode.

Ah well, I guess it's a step above blobs of fat. Or a chicken.

Missing episodes

Alas, Furry from the Deep is another story that suffers from the CCB being cunts, to the point where absolutely no full episodes exist. Nope, not even a randomly surviving episode 2 found at a car boot sale. A couple clips survive though, cut out by censors who deemed the material to be 2 sp00ky 5 u. Also an alternate camera angle sequence for episode 6. Better than nothing, I guess.