/who/ is a lonely place, filled with lonely people. For many /who/res, Doctor Who General is their sole source of advice and social interaction. It is only natural, then, that cults of personality should form around the more outgoing, bigger-dicked users. I am talking, of course, about trips and streamchads. Their natural superiority over the anons means it is easier for us to look up to them as a friend or father figure. However, the trips' personal secrecy means it is difficult for anons to put a face to their posts - especially when masturbating to them at night. To soften this depressing reality, /who/ has developed Fursonas. Anthropomorphised versions of famous /who/res, these creatures provide a physical form for abstract online identities, allowing us to better connect with the associated poster. In a way, they're basically anime body pillows.

List of fursonas