Fuck off

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Levine gets told by RTD.

Fuck off, also knowm as "fuck offerino", "fuck offerinski" or "fuck offeroli" etc. is one of /who/'s epic memes, used in many different occasions, but mostly when disagreeing or feeling unconfortable with an opinion stated by others.


To defend himself, one may shout "fuck off" or one of it's derivations at another, hopefully making then notice how stupid you are and stop discussing/wasting their time.

Whenever confronted with the ghost of prog, you know what to do.


Alright, you know, i've been silently tolerating this garbage but enough is enough.  What the fuck do you get out of making /who/ shit?  Every god damn thread there's at least one or two these fucking useless shitposts.   Fucking why?  They bring nothing to /who/ but make the threads shittier.   Fucking fuck off with this garbage already.   No one fucking likes it.   No one ever liked it.   The only time anyone ever liked this meme was, you got it, FUCKING NEVER.  Fucking quit spamming this garbage every fucking god damn thread.    Do you even contribute anything good to /who/?  Do you just shitpost every fucking day?  Fuck off and go ruin other threads on 4chan, there's plenty.   Stop ruining /who/ for the rest of us  FUCK OFF anyone who keeps trying to make /who/ a shittier place.    FUCK OFF.     Fucking Bring back the comfy fun.   FUCK OFF YOU UTTER CUNTS.