Friend from the Future

Friend from the Future
Let the memes flow...
Let the memes flow...
Season: 10, sorta.
Episode: N/A
Vital statistics
Air date 23 April 2016
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Lawrence Gough
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Friend from the Future was a 2-minute long segment, set during the events of A Pilot in Her Eye (which was still an entire year away from broadcast at this point), that was shoved out in the middle of a football match to try and get people hyped for Series 10 by introducing the new companion. It failed miserably. IT WAS GOAT, GET HYPE.


The Doctor and the new assistant run down the most generic corridor ever, away from some Into the Dalek stock footage. Afrogirl mocks the Daleks, hammering the final nail into the coffin which Moffuck put them in. The Doctor then says they need to get Back to the Future on DVD, but their progress is halted by some flying words that spell out "INTRODUCING PEARL MACKIE ASBILL".

File:Introducing the New Companion... - Doctor Who - BBC
The clip, if you wanna torture yourself.


It was clearly rushed af, and Bill's character was presented as a combination of Dodo Chaplet and Donna in The Runaway Bride; not taking the situation seriously and mocking the villains.

The immediate reaction to her was a mixture of "ZOMG SO FUNNY XDDDDDDDDDD" and long, pained-sounding groans, which isn't an impression that you wanna leave when you won't be seen again for another eight months.

It was so bad that even Moffaldi agreed it sucked, and thus he toned Bill down into a lesbian chip for the actual series and had 99% of this minisode erased from the final product.