Foreman: The Audio

Foreman: The Audio is, as of July 2018, the only published version of Doctor Who spinoff/reboot Foreman. After a major leak from within the Foreman writing team in April of 2016 led to /who/ uncovering several script drafts - including the entirety of the opening serial, 'Nirvi' - it was proposed on June 29 that they be adapted to audio as a collaboration between the general and Frank Offerino Studios. The resulting process was dragged out for an appallingly long time, as various people volunteered then dropped out, and /who/ also struggled to locate a performer for the role of the iconic Nirvi Chandratreya (due to the understandably strenuous casting requirement of sounding female). However, after just over 2 years and hot on the heels of Devious, the first episode of the audio drama finally premiered in completed form on July 9, 2018. The actual filmed version of Foreman still has yet to premiere.

The audio takes the form of a narrated script reading, including the unforgettable descriptions and directions straight from the source, and then incorporating performed dialogue, music, ambience and sound effects for maximum immersion.

Frank Offerino Studios hopes to cast a new narrator for each episode, and is currently open to volunteers.

Released and planned episodes

Title Released Description Youtube

Nirvi: Part 1 - WAKE UP

July 9, 2018 Nirvi Chandratreya BTFOs one of her sexist male classmates, then has a fateful encounter with Doctor Foreman that culminates in her entering the TARDIS. The Axons are also involved.
Nirvi, Part 1

Nirvi: Part 2 - AX


Nirvi: Part 3 - ONE IN MANY

Nirvi: Part 4 - AXOS AND I TBC

Differences between the audio and the official production

  • Due to being based on a version of the script leaked in 2016, the Doctor is still male.
  • The audio is exceedingly faithful to the leaked script, including its inconsistency regarding the gender of Nirvi's friend Alex Starling (presumably due to the script having been unfinished/unproofed).
  • The audio is not entirely faithful to the leaked script, incorporating some small adlibs from a few of the actors.
  • The audio actually exists.
  • The audio cast fewer separate people in the role of Nirvi.