Flesh and Stone

Flesh and Stone
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Season: 5
Episode: 5
Vital statistics
Air date 1 May 2010
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Adam "Agent" Smith
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The Time of Angels The Vampires of Venice
Um... when I said "Just leave me here" I didn't really mean it...
The new Angel lore is known to put people in a coma.

Flesh and Boned is the fifth episode of Series 5 and was written by showruiner Steven Moffingführer.

It's the conclusion of a two-parter beginning with The Time of Angels featuring the Weeping Angels and one of the many triumphant returns of River Song.


Eleven and Amy go to a planet called Alfava Metraxis where they find the Byzantium spaceship. They bump into River and Amy gets trapped in a room with an Angel on TV. The Angel gets into her eye, then her mind, then starts shutting her off while making her count down from ten (for fun).

Later they wander into a cave and discover there's a billion Weeping Angels waking up. Eleven shoots the roof to fuck up the gravity and ends up arguing with some dead cleric called Bob who has been possessed by an angel.


Eleven figures out Amy has to close her eyes which buys him time to BTFO the Angels with gravity (again). After the Angels are sucked into Amy's crack, River flirts with the Doctor on a beach by confessing to being a murderer.


At the end Amy attempts to cuck her fiancee by raping Eleven but he is too gentlemanly to accept her kind offer of piping hot Scottish Sex.


It's pretty good, though it received some criticism for fucking around with the rules of the Angels. Arguably they worked better in Blink when it was just one or two of them and their power was sending you back in time. Now there's a shit ton of them, they can jump out of the telly (an image of angel becomes an angel blah blah blah), they can get in your eyes, they can get in your head, they can possess dead priests and have conversations over shortwave radio, plus they seem to have given up on sending people back in time in favour of simply snapping necks. Ah well.

Anyway if you can ignore all that it's Aliens, the two-parter.


There was also a scene with some foreshadowing about Eleven running back through his own timeline - something to do with his jacket I think.