Fandom Cunts

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

Welcome! You've reached this page because you clicked on a juicy link promising lots of details about the bad behavior of a member of the Doctor Who fandom! Maybe they let their spaghetti out a little too much a little too often. Maybe they tried to bully other fans over incredibly stupid reasons. Maybe they stalked members of the cast. Maybe they try to take credit for other people's work. Whatever the reason, rest assured, /who/ has collected receipts. We have literal gigabytes of bad behavior saved and ready to be presented. We know what they did. We can show you what they did. Unfortunately, you're going to have to come to us to see it.

You see, has very stringent rules about what you can or cannot post on their pages. If something is found to violate FANDOM community standards, it gets taken away. If you try to bring it back, you risk being permabanned from Wikia, even if you're an admin. The truth is no defense. We could show you an image where a member of the Doctor Who fandom literally admits to stalking Jenna Coleman and who gets in trouble? Us, not him. Because he didn't like the journalism on display and had it taken away. We are no longer hosted on Wikia. However, this, if anything, makes it even MORE risky to host these pages, since now we’re no longer answerable to any staff, the Fandom Cunts may lash out at us /who/sers directly.

On very rare occasions it's possible to bring these pages back. Yes, they come back. But those who bring them back are playing with fire. If you clicked a link that redirected you here and you feel the need to restore it to its former glory and show us the truth about this person's bad behavior, you take your life in your own hands.

For the rest of you cowards, remember what John Lennon said: All you need is /who/.