Assault of the Benefactors

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Assault of the Benefactors
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Season: 9
Episode: 10
Vital statistics
Air date 21 November 2015
Written by Sarah Dollard
Directed by Justin Molotnikov
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No More. Heaven Sent
"Oh my god it's the girl with the ass!"
So why did you set the bear traps?
"'Herp-a-derp I'm dying oh so sad and scared doctor!' That's what all you human bitches sound like to me, Clara."
Just let this old box gather dust. No one can open it. No one'll even notice it. Let it become a strange little thing standing on a street corner. And over the years, the world'll move on and the box will be buried.
Clara assaults the Benefactor.

Assault of the Benefactors, broadcast in some markets as "Face the Raven", is the tenth episode, and first part of the three-part finale of Series 9. It stars Pancakes Capaldi, and features special guest appearance by Rigsor Mortis and Wideface. It's written by Sarah Dollard, and features the Doctor landing in the magical world of Harry Potter and fucking a bird.

It's also definitely 100% for sure the grand finale and final, permanent departure of Clara Oswald, the Impossible Girl, just as we never saw the Ponds again after The God Complex.


The Doctor and Clara get kicked out of the Garden of Eden (Missy was talking about apples and serpents in her reveal video, "Before the Flood", and now "Hell Bent and Heaven Sent", could it be the Doctor's going to meet Jesus finally?) and then immediately get a call from Rigsy. It seems he got totally wasted yesterday, got a tattoo, and is now infected with hep c and will soon die. Luckily, the Doctor and Clara help him get back to the mystical land of Neverwhere, finding themselves somewhere in Diagon Alley.

By the way, constant references to "Trap street" in an episode broadcast mere months before Moffat assured us we were in safe hands with Chibnall as the next showrunner = implications.

It turns out that, oh this is rich, someone found a dead woman with a black man standing nearby and obviously, he must be the killer, so let's execute him right quick. Speaking of traps, the woman's son is actually a daughter and the woman's daughter doesn't like looking at the Doctor because the Doctor and Daughters go together really weirdly. Everybody living on the street is an alien, though after that fact's revealed we still see their human disguises, presumably so they could get away with only cutting a few checks to the Holmes estate this season.

So it was all a trap to get the doctor's key. Not so Ashildr could steal the TARDIS, which would make sense, but so she could give the Doctor to someone else as a bargaining chip so they wouldn't destroy Diagon Alley. Because, you know, those sorts of people always keep those sorts of promises. Luckily, Rigsy is saved and allowed to return, and the dead girl is actually alive, so that's fine, and the Doctor gets beamed away to Gallifrey to the next episode.

Oh, also, Clara died or something, I dunno.


Goatest of all Goat, Dollard for Showrunner.

Interpretations of the title

Dollard and Moffat have attracted some criticism for the episode's cryptic name; however, close literary analysis finds that it can be applied to the story in at least two ways.

  • Ashildr is the benefactor of Trap Street; she uses her Quantum Shade to assault all who disturb the peace.
  • The events of the episode are contrived by Ashildr's mysterious benefactors as a way in which to assault the Doctor.