Everything Big Finish did (and are still doing) Right

H-Hey lads, can you please not pirate Big Finish?

Sometimes, the TV show fucks up. Alright then, the TV show ALWAYS fucks up. Fortunately though, our knight in shining armor has been here since 1999 to rectify every misstep the show has taken. This is something that just cannot be refuted - Big Finish improve pretty much everything. Shame they're not-canon.

So, here is a list of the great things that Big Finish have done.

Everything Big Finish did (and are still doing) Wrong

...Well, nobody's perfect. This list won't be its own page, because there ain't really that much to talk about. Do you want another page that's barely even 10 points long? DO YA?!

  • Not casting John Guilor as the First Doctor. Seriously his impression is fucking flawless (as you all know), but Briggs thinks William Russell is a better pick... even tho he sounds absolutely nothing like him. Peter Purves can do a pretty GOAT impression though.
  • Hiring David Bradley as the First Doctor. Seriously, why? He's much more a visual impersonator. Looks like somebody forgot they were making Non-canon ear stories.
  • Splitting some stories into separate releases for cash grabbing (The Sands of Life/War Against the Laan, Lucie Miller/To The Death, etc).
  • Using narration in The Early Adventures series. Seriously, it was understandable for the Companion Chronicles, but for the Early Adventures you have a full cast and decent stand-ins for the Doctor (besides Russell but ah well). Why do you still need narration? Is it a way of subliminally saying that the stories ain't legit because Hartnell and Troughton didn't personally clamber out of the grave/coalesce from the ashes and shuffle into the recording booth to perform the stories themselves?
  • Going a bit overboard at times.
  • Not getting Anthony Ainley while he was still alive.
  • The Ninth Doctor Chronicles.
  • Zagreus (debatable).
  • Filling some of their Seventh Doctor and Eighth Doctor entries with edgy bullshit, but to be fair they're generally not nearly as bad about this as the VNAs and Eighth Doctor Adventures were, plus the Seventh and Eighth Doctors have almost always been regarded as "the grownup Doctors".
  • Endless inane New Series spinoffs - if not tales of Winston Churchill meeting Madame Vastra, then tales of the cat ladies from New Earth (literally who was asking for this).
  • Alright, let's be honest, the actual execution of the Divergent Universe.