Eruditorum Press

manlet book

"I'm bored and have nothing better to do with my time."

"I guess I'll read some guy's opinions on Doctor Who."

"Oh hey, these are actually interesting."

"I'm gonna read the rest!"

"Wait, what's with these other blogs about the dangers of western imperialism?"

"Who the hell is Vox Day and why does this Phil guy have a hateboner with him?"

Eruditorum Press is Sandifer's cabal of dirty Marxist scum, who write 2000-word 2deep4u articles about children's shows and pat themselves on the back for doing so. One day, the Eruditorum will topple the white man's control over the world, and replace it with even more pompous white men because they're the only people who write at that blog. They used to be actually readable, but a few years ago, Sandifer decided that the best way to topple western society was to pick fights with Harry Potter fanfic writers, mutating from a eccentric but all right Doctor Who geek into a chuuni who thinks he's the next Alan Moore. Be sure to peruse his tumblr where he moans constantly about Big Finish audios he'll never listen to, while schlicking off to Peter Harness.

Joining him is Jack Graham, a man who hates the white race so much that he's ironically named after a cracker. Acts like an edgy twentysomething who legitimately thinks a bunch of balding neckbeards could topple society, when he's in reality a middle-aged man who relies on government benefits and hand outs to survive. Genuinely wishes Churchill lost World War II because he was mean to brown people.

Some other guys write for Sandy's site too, but none of them are as unpleasant/autistic as the above. Be prepared to get little resembling actual Doctor Who articles nowadays since Sandifer would rather whine about politics. And every other article will be a transparent plug to shill their patreon, because how dare you expect someone to watch and write about British kids' shows unless they're paid several hundred a week for it? You fascist pig.