Episode Edition Header Anon

Imagine you're sitting and waiting for the moment to arrive. A dying thread of politics and arguments, coming up to bump limit. You hope the next thread will be a fresh start... until you see an early thread made several posts before the limit with a retro-style episode poster. "Thoughts on this episode?", it says, knowing full well that not a single soul will discuss it for real. And thus, the arguments begin, calling Header Anon out for being an absolute cunt who hates "meme threads" and only wants /who/ to be serious discussion, whilst simultaneously shitposting with the same replies, ironically telling people to "stop taking it so seriously".

Imagine getting so assmad over a thread that you have to make a wikia article shitting on some random anon from a bootleg chinese forum. And imagine searching it out so you could then change it to be about how much of a chad you are. Imagine being that pathetic.