Energy of the Daleks

Energy of the Daleks
Vital statistics
Range The Fourth Doctor Adventures
Release number 1.4
Release date April 2012
Writer Nicholas Briggs
Doctor Fourth Doctor
Publication order
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The Wrath of the Iceni Trail of the White Worm

Lucozade Energy of the Daleks is an ear story from season one of Holy shit, they actually got Tom Baker back to do audios. It features our lord and saviour as himself, Luluemon Leggings as Leahlah, and Nicky Bicky as the metal cones.


The Dalekkús plan to push the Moon away from Earth so that all hoomunz will die. Dayum, pretty simple for a Big Finish plot.

Still, it at least acknowledges that a lack of Moon would cause chaos on Earth. Ahem.



8/10 it alright