Edge Lord Victorious

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Edge's self-portrait.
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Tripcode !!5x3pQKJ6eBI
Aliases Edge, Edgy, Edge Lord, ELV
First Post Date 07 Apr 2017

>>81387018 (Without trip)

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Edge_Lord_Victorious !!5x3pQKJ6eBI also known as Literally tumblr: the Tripfag is /who/'s very own Transgendered Companion, who draws stuff for the thread. He wants to fuck the Tenth Doctor and David Tennant, respectively.

Edge Art

The first thing he contributed to /who/ was a picture of Davison's dick. Trufax.

All of the art he's done for /who/ can be downloaded here:

https://mega.nz/#!hPZBRLzZ!_QumDQfZ2zfYrkOy9-RKqN8Ds_vC6pP5I5pbGaX0Jjo [OUT OF DATE, KEK. CHECK BACK LATER.]


On the 30th of April 2017 a /who/ anon decided to dox Edge and all of /who/ went to shit. On May 1st the thread was more tripdrama than actual Doctor Who discussion and the thread got fucking erased. Congrats, lads.