"Don't hurt the humans, please! I love them! Don't hurt them! Blow up all these other planets, please!"
~ 10th Doctor
"I have to save Earth because it is more important than the others. This is the burden of an intelligent Timelord"
~ 4th Doctor
"You know, it's not even a proper planet. The right one was on the other side, but it got blown up."

Earth is a group of rocks and dirt that collected around the Raccnoss hive. It is the single most important planet in the universe, apparently. It's pretty much the only one the Doctor has ever given a shit about. What makes it so important? No reason, except the show was created by humans so naturally we're so autistic and have such big egos that the universe has to revolve around us. Earth is orbited by a single Egg known as the Moon.

After Earth gets destroyed by its mortal enemy, the sun, a new earth is established on a planet called New Earth, because humans are smrt. We're so smart, in fact, that we fuck that one up in record time too.


  • Earth is the setting of every single Series 1 episode, with the exception of episodes set in low earth orbit.