Dr. Who

Dr. Who
Reminder that Cushing
Reminder that Cushing
Played by Peter Cushing
Years Active 1965 - 1966
First story Dr. Who and the Daleks
Last story Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
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Dr. Who hanging out with Wilf.
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Dr. Who (played by Peter Cruising) was an eccentric pedophile who lived in a cottage in England. He is totally canon you guys. Check out Why Dr. Who is canon for proof.

He is not to be confused with Dr. Who from the TV Action comics, who's actually supposed to be The Doctor. Or with Doctor Who from The War Machines, unless your name is Wotan. He is to be confused with Dr. Who from the GOAT VNAs Conundrum and Head Games, but only for like one chapter until you figure it out.

He is widely regarded to be the only canon incarnation of the Doctor.


This version of the Doctor appeared in a series of movies, although only the first two are still available .

  1. Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965) - Dr. Who, his granddaughters Barbara and Susan, and Susan's boyfriend Ian go to Skaro. A remake of The Daleks.
  2. Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (1966) - Dr. Who, his granddaughters Susan and Louise and PC Tom Campbell (Bernard Cribbins) go to the future and fight the Daleks again. A remake of guess which serial , but featuring Based Wilf.
  3. The Dalek Chase (1967) - Dr. Who, Susan, Louise, and Tom are chased through time and space by Daleks. A remake of The Chase. Louise and Tom return home to marry, but Dr. Who and Susan end up on a strange spaceship! Unfortuantely, a crack in time hoovered most of the box office of the second movie, so this one and its sequels were all erased from history, unless you try really hard to remember them.
  4. Daleks' Master Plan (1968) - Dr. Who, Susan, and Sara Kingdom (Jean Marsh) meet Mavic Chen (Christopher Lee) and fight the Daleks again. Another remake.
  5. Daleks in The Revenge of Mavic Chen (1969) - Dr. Who, Susan, Sara, and Sara's brother Bret (Nicholas Courtney) stop Mavic Chen's fiendish plot. Not much Daleks in it. Subotsky chose not to remake The Power of the Daleks because of the popularity of Christopher Lee's character.
  6. Mavic Chen 1970 (1970) - Dr. Who, Susan, and Bret travel back to the present to rejoin Tom and Laura and stop Mavic Chen from taking over present-day London.
  7. DC Campbell vs. the Masters of Evil (1970) - Tom and Bret face a pair of evil clowns (Jon Pertwee and Roger Delgado) who animate department store dummies. Dr. Who only has a guest appearance. Ends with Tom being promoted, and Bret being put in charge of a new anti-Masters taskforce called UNIT. Later remade as Terror of the Autons in the aborted attempt to bring Doctor Who back to television with Patrick Troughton.
  8. DS Campbell vs. the Daemons (1971) - Tom and Brigadier Bret vs. the evil clowns and a Satanic cult.
  9. DS Campbell's Day of the Daleks (1972) - A romantic holiday for Tom and Louise is interrupted by time-traveling terrorists and Daleks. The Brig meets a girl named Jo (Elisabeth Sladen).
  10. DS Campbell and the Invasion (1973) - Tom, the Brig, and Jo stop a fiendish plan involving dinosaurs invading London.
  11. DS Campbell and the Giant Robot (1975) - Tom, the Brig, Jo, and Jo's father Dr. Harry Grant (Tom Baker) fight a giant robot.
  12. DS Campbell vs. the Cult of the Fendahl (1977) - The Satanists return, Tom, Harry, and Jo stop them.
  13. DS Campbell and the City of Death (1979) - Tom and Harry go to Paris, where Harry meets a local girl named Romana (Lalla Ward) and an evil time traveler (Julian Glover).
  14. Harry's Wacky Trip to Shada (1980) - This movie was never completed, killing off the series.
  15. K9 and Company (1981) - An attempt to revive the series, with Jo and Harry's talking dog (John Leeson) fighting the Satanic cult yet again. The box office failure was largely attributed to people leaving during the opening credits because of Ian Levine's theme song.


The films feature a far different Doctor from the one we currently know. He is entirely human and "Who" is his surname. Barbara Wright is no longer his granddaughter's teacher, but another granddaughter of The Doctor himself. Ian Chesterton becomes Barbara's boyfriend, and it is he who sends the four to Skaro when he accidentally activates The Doctor's latest invention, TARDIS.


The films were made to cash in on the success of the Daleks and are mostly gay, like Austin Powers crossed with Adam West's Batman on acid. I think we can all agree Dr. Who is literally 100% canon.