Doctor and The Whos

Doctor and The Whos is a British rock band formed in late 2014.

The Doctor performing with The Whos

They released their first album 'Pure Canon' in September 2015. It received critical acclaim and despite its late release, Pure Canon went on to become one of the best-selling albums of the year.

They then began work on their second album 'Attack Eyebrows' but lead drummer Clara Oswald suddenly died leaving them with with no drummer and only 3 tracks recorded. Cyber-Brig then took over both bass and drumming duties for the remainder of the album.

Reception for Attack Eyebrows was mixed. Noel Clarke of IGN said it was "okay" while Colin Baker of NME said it was a "huge step down in quality from their first record, looks as if the band has already run out of ideas"

After the poor reception to Attack Eyebrows Holo-Foxes decided to leave the band and "return to space where I belong" Bill Potts and Nardole then joined the band to replace Clara Oswald and Holo-Foxes. They began work on their third album that they hoped would bring them back into the spotlight 'Out With a Gangbang'

The album was released to critical acclaim and record breaking sales, with reviews calling it a huge return to form and their best work yet.

Their next and final album The Doctor Falls is planned to be released December 25th 2017. It is said the band will then break up and move onto new projects.


The current line up of the band consists of

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