Doctor Who TARDISposting

Whatever you do, don't use these watermarks to sour TARDISposting's public image.

Doctor Who TARDISposting is a somehow even shittier knockoff version of /who/, filled with shit memes, edgy teens, and not a single Sneed. As it is on Facebook, the majority if not all TARDISposters are underage and thus should not be allowed on this wiki and /who/ itself. Despite all this, TARDISposting still somehow manages to be filled with unironic paedophiles and UKIP voters. And, further proving the correlation of cletuses to Moffat-haters, they're all a load of RTDchads too, and would rather enjoy taking it up the bum from Russell's timedick.

TARDISposting users believe they can use this wiki as a home for their own shit memes, not realising that this wiki is a /who/ thing and not a general Doctor Who epic meme website. All of them sing /who/'s praise, knowing they will never reach our level of DEEP LORE.

Despite /who/ being located on 4chan of all places, somehow TARDISposting manages to be even more autistic and needlessly, unfunnily offensive by using overdone plebbit-style shock memes.

Hell, they even missed the opportunity to call it Splinkposting. But that thought likely never crossed their collective minds due to them being NuWho scrubs.

To all TARDISposters who come across this page, I can speak for all /who/res by saying FUCK OFFERINO. But you wouldn't know what that means, would you?