Doctor Who News Sources

There are a plethora of Doctor Who-related news sources online, a few of which are even worth looking into.

Be warned: during those agonizingly long time periods that the programme Doctor Who is on hiatus, between seasons or has been cancelled due to idiocy on either its part or that of the BBC, many of these news sources listed below clutter themselves with a bunch of, frankly, boring non-Doctor Who dross, a regrettable course action often followed even when the programme is live. Do not be tricked into reading anything not directly related to Doctor Who on any of these sites as it may lead to venereal infestation and self-abuse.

Sources - Passable, probably because the site appears to originate in Britanistan, allowing its contributors to fluently speak and understand the mysterious and impenetrable Brittanic tongue. Beware the site’s stupid commenters and fanfights however.

Blogtor Who (get it? "Doctor," "Blogtor" - so funny!) - Not bad, and also speakers of the eldritch Britty language. Aside from up to the date Doctor Who news however, the site's main purpose seems to be the retailing of many deeply irritating fan T-shirts. If I ever saw you in one, I'd slap you back to Hartnell. Quickest off the mark with any breaking Who news, as the contributors are the sort of obsessive autistic fans often discomfited by normal human interaction. Don’t bother with their speculative articles such as “Which Doctors Wears Briefs, Which Doctors Wears Boxers?” as they’re usually pretty fannish and dumb.

/whogeneral/ - Widely recognized as the premier source for all information about Doctor Who, the /whogeneral/ threads found on 4chan’s /tv/ board (and their wiki found right here) set the gold standard for their stringent dedication to factual accuracy, carefully-reasoned criticism, news reportage and sparkling repartee that demonstrates the incontestable maturity of its global web of erudite fans and industry insiders who masquerade under pseudonyms while regularly imparting trade secrets. - Not very knowledgeable about Doctor Who. The organization infamously declared in 1984 that Doctor Who was going to be cancelled, when in fact the show was merely on short hiatus and later returned to the airwaves for another five years of broadcasting.

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You can probably skip the rest.