Doctor Who: The Fan Show

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Doctor Who: The Fan Show is the cancerous replacement of Doctor Who Confidential, hosted by Reddit Queen Christel Dee.

The show's had everyone from Jenna and Gaypiss to Capaldick himself. On it they discuss all sort of Doctor Who related topics mostly aimed at redditors and tumblrinas.


It is believed that the launch of this show drained the BBC’s resources, which inadvertently caused the 2016 hiatus and made Moffat throw in the towel. It is beyond comprehension how this shitshow managed to stay afloat for 2016 but the actual show didn’t… BRAVO BBC. Sadly, Memeologists have uncovered that the further pursuit of this “fan” show’s success will inevitably lead to the cancellation of the show, which will be replaced by the Christel Show which will [pander to all aspects of society therefore generating more views and money.