Divided Loyalties

Divided Loyalties
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Release date Unknown
Author Gary Russell
Doctor Fifth Doctor
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City at World's End Corpse Marker

Divided Loyalties is the super-canon book written by Gary Russell.

Best remembered by the fandom for going into anal detail explaining how every Time Lord who had ever appeared in Doctor Who was part of a grinning teenage gang called the Deca. By a remarkably good fortune, there were exactly ten of them.

Attempted to make a reference to every Doctor Who story in every medium that had appeared up to that point. Russell was so enthusiastic to cram dozens of continuity references in on every page, that he sadly failed to notice that most of them contradicted the very stories that they were referencing.

Went into long, and disturbing, details about Adric's body odour.

Saw the return of beloved 1960's villain The Celestial Toymaker, but sadly stripped of his delightful usage of words like "nigger".

Having been the regular leader in "Worst Doctor Who Book of All Time" polls, the people over at Big Finish still feel the need to make references to this literary torture device on a somewhat regular basis.