Destiny of the Doctor

Wasn't that a video game at one point?
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Destiny of the Doctors was a series of 11 audio adventures by RIP for the 50th Anniversary in 2013 that nobody remembers because nobody gives a crap about them. Like the Companion Chronicles for Big Finish, they were performed by only only two people and were told in a talking book format with narration and shit, which is a bit of a bummer because narration kinda sucks. Like seriously, that's one of the things that sucks about NuWho, specifically episodes like Doomsday and The Power of Three where they get Billie or Karen in to recite a monologue in a microphone over footage of Matt Smith scratching his balls because the writers were too lazy to figure out a way of naturally writing the dialogue into the scene itself, but I digress.

Each one focuses on one of the Doctors and apparently it all ties together at the end. I wouldn't know this because I haven't heard any of them.

Title Characters Actors
Hunters of Earth First Cocktor and Shoesan Carole Ann Ford & Tam Williams
Shadow of Death The Best Doctor, the best companion and bum Frazer Hines & Evie Dawnay
Vengeance of the Stones SPLINK, his bitch and Mi Keyates Richard Franklin & Trevor Littledale
Babblesphere Bae <3 and Sexy Romana Lalla Ward & Roger Parrott
Smoke and Mirrors Some dork and his useless friends Janet Fielding & Tim Beckmann
Trouble in Paradise Till death do us pie and tiddies Nicola Bryant & Cameron Stewart
Shockwave McCock and his verbal abuse victim Sophie Aldred & Ian Brooker
Enemy Aliens Please let him have a miniseries and Ouch Charlie India Fisher & Michael Maloney
Night of the Whisper Nein Nein Nein, bitch and Jacked Hardness Nicholas Briggs & John Schwab (No shitting, they literally couldn't get John Barrowman or Billie Piper in)
Death's Deal Tenth Dicktor and Donna's Nobles Catherine Tate & Duncan Wisbey
The Time Machine Eleven pippers pipping and *insert personality here* Jenna Coleman, Nicholas Briggs & Michael Cochrane

Eh they were alright stories on their own. The only "arc" was that the Eleventh Cocktor asked each incarnation for some shit that had been influential in the story, which is then poorly resolved in a finale more disappointing and convoluted than anything Steven Moffat has done (I'm serious. The defeat of the Big Bad goes something along the lines of "Doctor creates some mini paradoxes via the things so that some dude from the future that was born because 2 separate incarnations got his parents to do the dirty, travels back to 2013 and crushes the Big Bad." Yeah) Although I was probably high at the time I listened to this, so go and listen to it and sigh as the wasted potential fills your orifices