Destination: Nerva

Destination: Nerva
Vital statistics
Range The Fourth Doctor Adventures
Release number 1.1
Release date January 2012
Writer Nicholas Briggs
Doctor Fourth Doctor
Publication order
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lel nothing retard The Renaissance Man
File:Tom Baker Doctor Who Audio Productions January 2012
Tom and Louise talk about their new based adventures.

Nerva? Well I Nerva... is an ear story by Niclaus Briggs. Twas the first Big Dick Production to feature motherfucking Tom Based-ker as the delightful Pedo Doctor, an event so momentous that they gave him his own range. His introduction to this fabulous realm of anti-canon was accompanied by Cindy Lou Who as Stabby Stabby, as they do battle with Tim Treloar on that ship from The Ark in Space.

Le story

Victorians are stealing a spaceship to venture out across the stars, except the spaceship gives them all AIDS, and after a few thousand years of not getting any pussy they arrive at Nerva and fuck everyone onboard, giving them AIDS too. Fortunately the Based Offerer of Jelly Babies and his best companion turn up and deck their fookin' heads in. The horrid disgusting mutations of the crew try infecting the Doctor, but since Tom mothafuckin Baker is a god among men, the virus doesn't affect him and instead backfires, curing everyone onboard. He returns to the TARDIS, with Leehlah reminding him that he promised to "teach her", and so they go off to start new adventures to some GOAT music.


GOAT af return of the best second best Doctor ever.

Admittedly it is a little obvious that the story was originally intended for Four and Sarah, since the only reason why they'd set a story on Nerva would be to have the two of them geeking out about how they've been there before, but alas, poor Liz ;_;