Death in Blackpool

Death in Blackpool
Vital statistics
Range Eighth Doctor Adventures (the audio ones)
Release number 4.01
Release date December 2009
Writer Alan Barnes
Doctor Eighth Doctor
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Death in Blackpool is the first ear story in season 4 of the GOAT Not-Footface & I Adventures. It stars based GannMc as Docdoc Woah and Cherry Sith as Joey Ross. Also Santa. Yes, it is a Christmas special, however fortunately it was one by Briggs' Big Dick Productions, so it actually has a chance of being GOAT, and is.


Luwsey's (secretly Zygon) auntie Pat is dying af, so she calls her niece and the Doktah to Earth for one last Christmas before she croaks. Sadly, LeuzE fails to SPLINK at one point, and ends up in a coma in hospital, and is able to walk around as a ghost sorta thing. One of Pat's old chums is also a ghost sorta thing and tries to convince Loosi to give up her body so he can return to reality in it, and tries to convince her by making her watch the Doctor and Pat have a conversation about how Pat died back in the 80s and her Zygon lover Trevor has been living her life ever since. Pat and the sp00py ghost Zygon then do battle and croak, while Leuxy returns to reality.

The Doctor and Lucie then have a conversation on the beach about how he kept this secret from her to protect her feelings, and how she can't trust him anymore and wants to leave so that she will remember their adventures together as they were before this revelation...

...Oh god, the feels ;_;


Holy fuck, not only is this GOAT... It's depressingly GOAT, like The Caves of Androzani. Alan Barnes' writing is based here, as he manages to give characterization to an unconscious, dying alcoholic guy, and even makes the scene where the evil ghost Zygon thingy dies slightly tear-jerking. And that final goodbye on the beach... holy fuck, beats that other goodbye on the beach anyday.