Death Is the Only Answer

You Are Already Dead
Somehow even worse than Time and the Rani.
Somehow even worse than Time and the Rani.
Season: 6
Episode: Minisode
Vital statistics
Air date 1 October 2011
Written by The Children of Oakley Junior School
Directed by Jeremy Webb
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The Wedding of River Song The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
Death is the only answer.

Death is the only outcome after watching this shit was a crappy minisode of Doctor Why have you done this to us. It starred Matt Smith, Einstein and was written by school kids, who were officially better at writing an episode than Steven Moffat.


Einstein imbibes some nasty shit in the TARDIS and Eleven takes advantage of him while he's oot. I mean, out.


The one interesting thing you can say about this minisode is it's really revealing of how young children parse NuWho. It's quick, full of pointless cameos, and features a hamfisted arc word (the titular "Death is the only answer").