Day of the Moon

Day of the Moon
Change the channel, Marge
Change the channel, Marge
Season: 6
Episode: 2
Vital statistics
Air date 30 April 2011
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Toby Haynes
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The Impossible Astronaut The Curse of the Black Spot
The Doctor, seen here causing the Apollo 13 disaster.
Vivid memories turn to fantasies
Ain't no M.I.B.'s, can I please
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Day of the Space Dragon Egg is the second episode of Series 6 and was written by Cerebral Mogwai. It stars an alien fetus as the Doctor, a blow up doll replica of Karen Gillan as a blow up doll replica of Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as a cuck, Alex Milfston as River Milf, that British guy who can only kinda do an American accent but we give him a pass as a badass, and spooky aliens.


Steve ruins everything and America saves the world. Finally, this show gets some more realistic storylines.

The companions run around what we're supposed to believe is all of America but is clearly just the few hundred square miles of space the BBC rented out in Utah and all get shot to death by Canton, who has decided he's going to be the only companion now. Little did he know how doomed he was...

The Doctor has grown a beard now, beards are cool. He's chained up in Area 51, watching as scientists build a perfect prison around him. Where do they get the bricks? We'll explain later.

Canton drags the corpses of the companions into the Doctor's cell and reveals, surprise, they're not dead, and he's not evil, and the Doctor's not a prisoner, and the cell's not a prison, and the TARDIS isn't missing, and River isn't dead, and the episode isn't over, and this isn't a season finale.

Everybody gets together and works out what the Silence are: A conquering alien species, definitely not a human organization, no sir, who've taken over earth and are now controlling humans to go to space solely so they can make a space suit that will serve as power armor for what I'm sure will be a really good use and not something totally retarded. They erase themselves from your memory and can place post-hypnotic suggestions at the same time. The Doctor, realizing the implications, begins to devise a clever plan.

The Doctor sends Amy and Canton to a spooky orphanage to learn about the little girl that Amy shot last episode. The orphanarium is run by a terrible accent attached to a bad actor. Amy gets kidnapped by the Silence, and Canton whips out his service revolver and shoots one in return.

After taking the bleeding Silent(?) to Area 51 for medical treatment, Canton records it making some statements on Amy's cell phone. The Doctor, Rory, and River go rescue Amy, who has maybe been replaced by a flesh avatar, but the Doctor later says she was snagged "before America" so who knows, and the Doctor shows off what his clever plan was: Genocide.

Everybody says their goodbyes and parts ways. River goes back to jail, Amy and Rory go off on adventures with the Doctor, the Doctor advises Nixon to record everything but to delete the 18 minutes where he discusses his part in the assassination of Kennedy, and GOAT Potential companion Canton Everett Delaware III is forced to live out his days as a conservative Washington gay man in an interracial relationship during the 70s. So, hey, best of luck to him. Not like he's hurting for work.



Weren't the Silence fun back before they were ruined?


The episode is notable for showing accurate depiction of the ruthless methods of the CIA during the scene where Canton, as Agent CIA asks Amy if she knows what these are, while pointing to the garbage bags, before proclaiming "GARBAGE DAY!" and shooting Amy.